Magnepan Tympani 1-D speakers: A wall of sound

Everything old is new again! SkyFi Audio is a second-hand hi-fi specialist based in New York City. I visited them recently to check out some truly great audiophile models from high-end’s past. 

For my Sky-Fi Audio listening sessions I started with Magnepan Tympani 1-D speakers. They’re super thin panels, but six feet (1.8 meters) tall and nearly as wide, so they really do produce a wall-to-wall sound. 

The speakers date from the early 1980s. As I listened to them and other vintage systems at Sky-Fi Audio, I started to think about how little progress has been made. Even high-end audio from decades ago can still sound great! 

In this system the Tympanis were matched with a Marantz Model 7 preamp, Bryston 4B power amp, and a Garrard 301 turntable. 

Sky-Fi Audio works in partnership with New York dealer Stereo Exchange.

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